Custom Machining 

Specifically Tailored. Expertly Manufactured.

At our facility, we offer Multi-Axis CNC Milling, Swiss Lathe Manufacturing, and Laser Removal Systems.


Full CNC Routing for any substrate.

Plastics, Wood, or Metal.

Once we establish your need, we get to work crafting your idea.


We'll build a concept model based off the specs you provide us. Once we iron out all the details, we begin development of your product. 


Currently Fabricating

Hellfire G19 Slide.png

In recent months, we've expanded the capabilities of our machine shop.

We are ecstatic that we are now fabricating slides for the Glock 19.

The Faxon Hellfire slide is the perfect upgrade for your G19 pistol.

Designed and Milled in our shop, we guarantee satisfaction on every slide that leaves our home.

3D Printing

3D printing has never been easier. We've expanded our print shop to supply our customers with a fast and easy alternative to traditional manufacturing.


We offer SLA and FDM printing in any color and in multiple materials. We are capable of resolution ranging 100μm - 50μm meaning our prints are high quality and reliable. 

Our capabilities are only limited by your imagination. Splints, Dentures, Surgical Guides, you name it. We can print it. We print in plastics, bio-friendly materials, metals, and so much more.



Known for Quality

We've had the opportunity to work on a few special projects over the years.


We pride ourselves in our Craftsmanship and strive to deliver Quality products.

Contact us today for any and all Custom Machining needs. Our Machinists are ready to work for you.