We specialize in hand crafting custom anatomical models for a variety of medical industries.


At our core, we develop surgical, consultation, and implant demonstration models for a wide range of dental and orthopedic clientele.


Broken into three divisions, our departments have well over two decades of experience crafting high quality and reliable models for use at tradeshows, in or out of office consultations, and surgical education.


When it comes to application and customization, our only limit is your imagination.

Custom Anatomical
Model Manufacturing


"Practice Makes Perfect"

- Jeff Maki CEO

Why Models Plus?

At Models Plus, we move with a sense of urgency to deliver innovations which improve the quality of education our clients provide.  


Designed for the demonstration of implantable devices and to showcase a variety of surgical techniques, our models assist in creating a visual representation of the task at hand.


We take pride in knowing that the quality of our products directly impacts our client’s ability to provide a stellar educational experience.


Each model we manufacture makes its way through the same, strict quality management system to assure that only the highest quality products leave our building.


Explore Our Dental Implant Models


Complete Restoration on Six Implants


Windowed Crown and Bridge


Lower Two Implant Locator


Lower Six Implant Locator

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flexus knee

A Step Above the rest in
Knee Arthroplasty Training

The Flexus Knee perfectly mimics articulation of the Knee and Hip joints. With realistic co-lateral ligament tension and a dual density design, our articulator is the perfect solution for your training needs.