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The Original Bone Models

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Over 25 Years of Custom
Crafting Experience

At Models Plus, we move with a sense of urgency to deliver innovations that improve the quality of education our partners provide.  

Designed for the demonstration of implantable devices and to showcase a variety of surgical techniques, our models assist in creating a visual representation of the task at hand.

We take pride in knowing that the quality of our products directly impacts our partners’ ability to provide a stellar educational experience.

Each model we manufacture makes its way through the same, strict quality management system to assure that only the highest quality products leave our facility.

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Premium Consultation & Display Models

We Craft

Supporting dental and orthopedic professionals around the globe, we provide world-class medical demonstration and simulation models that take your training to the next level.


Collaborating directly with our customers, we design and produce custom anatomical models for hands-on surgical training and patient education. Over the years, we've specialized in orthopedic bone models and dental consultation sets. Through our experience we've built an arsenal of knowledge that has grown our capabilities beyond your standard manufacturing facility. 

Dental Consultation & Implant Device Models

Completely customizable and with support for fixed or removable implant systems, our display and consultation models offer the best hands-on viewing experience for doctor to patient education.

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Orthopedic Bone Models
& Presentation Displays

Designed for show and demonstration, our orthopedic bone model displays can be completely customized to fit any specified requirements. With our ability to build directly from DICOM data, never before has it been this simple to create a customized display.​

Surgical Simulation &
Education Models

Created to enhance your education through a hands-on experience. Our surgical models offer a realistic, yet clean solution to your training needs. With support for complete customization and multiple material densities, trust that our models will always provide a life-like feel.

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