Sculpting Your Story

We specialize in hand crafted, custom anatomical models for the Dental and Orthopedic Industries.


Our products are used worldwide to educate patients, train prospective surgeons, and demonstrate implantable devices both in office and at trade show events.


Let our expertise guide you as you begin to formulate your story.


Since 1996

We began by producing models for implantable devices designed for reconstructive surgery.

After many years of primarily servicing the Dental Industry, we found ourselves branching out into the Orthopedic World.


After 25 Years, we have had the honor to service thousands of clients and are proud to say we are still American Made.


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flexus knee

A Step Above the rest in
Knee Arthroplasty Training

The Flexus Knee perfectly mimics articulation of the Knee and Hip joints. With realistic co-lateral ligament tension and a dual density design, our articulator is the perfect solution for your training needs.


"It has been a pleasure to be able to work with you on our displays."- Hamdah A.

"Thank you SO MUCH for your help on this!" - Mike P.

"Dude. This is awesome. I can't wait to tell the team!" - Maria T.

We strive to deliver high quality products.

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